A toast to my friend Shannon Joy’s blog,

A toast to my friend Shannon Joy’s blog, Why living in utah county sucks! She was spot on with this, so I had to share.



Lions & Tigers & Shopping Malls, Oh My!

Oh the joys of culture shock.

cul·ture shock  


The feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.



Culture shock can technically be anything really that is different culture-ly than you are use to. This can be anything from religious differences, holiday differences, the way you speak or the way you make your tea.

Case in point: I have always made stir fry by cooking the meat and vegetables seperately, in sea salt butter, and then adding them at the end. My husband goes about making the same exact thing, by combining the meat and vegetables the entire cooking process, in one pan, with water. I like my tea mildly hot, he likes his scalding. Now don’t get me wrong, these are obviously minor things that we have just learned about each other. Nothing too big.

This is to be expected, since we grew up on two completely different continents. He grew up spending time walking around out side (barefoot) being chased by (hungry) lions (That’s a slight exaggeration, of course.) Where as I grew up walking around outside,(with shoes) climbing trees (also, with shoes) and figuring out who’s mom was going to drive us to the mall to go shopping. Minor differences, really.

Other completely random differences we have? Apparently soda is better in Kenya than it is here in America. I haven’t been to Kenya, so I can neither confirm or deny that they have better soda.


Here is my compiled list of random differences:


America: We have amazing tea called Chai Tea. Probably one of my favorite tea’s out there.

Kenya: Chai means “Tea,” so “chai tea” is technically Tea Tea.

(difference between my husband and I? I will let my tea sit for 5 minutes before drinking it so it cools down. He scalds his tongue with his. I like my tea incredibly sweet. Tony… well… he doesn’t like sweet stuff. Period.)

Tony will tease me about my apparent lack of animal knowledge.

so America: we have cool animals. In Zoo’s!

Kenya: Has cool animals pretty much anywhere.

America: We have dollar bills & coins, with names as their dollar amount

Kenya: Money is called Kenyan Shillings

America: (Most- obviously not all) of us speak English

Kenya: Speaks English (most), Swahili, as well as a tribal language


Before we got married, I was always told how different it was going to be. Marriage is obviously different, because people are different. But we were not only combining two different lifestyles but two different cultures as well. It has not been as difficult as most people made it out to be. Sure, we’re different. But we’re both human. We make it work, and embrace our differences. Love Life!


Baby Girl

Here’s another one of my favorites. Same Photo shoot, she’s about 6-ish weeks old here. One of the rare moments she was sleeping during their photo shoot. She is usually a phenominal sleeper! But when it comes time to take her pictures.. well.. she decided she did NOT want her picture taken, and she did not want to sleep! Such a little diva already.

Up to speed

I’ve decided to give this whole ‘blogging’ thing a try. Why not? It may be something I find I thuroughly enjoy, and it may end up being something I detest! Guess we’ll find out and see.
You may be asking yourself why I have decided to call this “nataka pepsi.” Interestingly (or not interestingly, depending on your sense of humor) the first thing I requested to learn in Swahili was “I want.” (I understand this is not the most polite way of saying it, however it was easier for me to remember at the time.) I also have a slight addiction to Pepsi, so, the phrase I would often say, whether it was true or not, was “Nataka Pepsi!” Meaning, I want Pepsi! Unfortunately for you, this blog has nothing to do with Pepsi, but is more of a story on my & my families weekly/daily activities for our family (and some friends) to keep up! (because we are both obviously incredibly busy people.. or something;) )

So. That’s it. This is my first (fairly short & uninformative, I know) blog post! Blog Written: Check! Now time to get some pictures up!

Pendo & Asante!